Hype Knight offers multiple avenues of promotion for any event and any size! Packages start at basic promotions on your event for your chosen amout of time. Up to multiple cities, states or countries for your event.

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Hype Meter: $75 Chat Form: $75
Multi city posting: $50 Event Section: $30
Banners: $150 (Starting) Front page : $100
  • Entertainer
  • Entertainer package is the perfect package for onetime events! Concerts, house parties, college parties, community events and much more! Promote your event to your local community as well as surrounding cities! With the entertainer package you get the best visibility for your event by being placed at the top of your city page in the upcoming events section! Besides your city page, the day of your event, your event will be placed on the state page of the city your event will be held! With this visibility, your event will be seen not only in your city, but as well as those who click on your state on their way to start their search!
  • 14 days of promo!
  • Basic page features
  • $ 50

    per event
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  • Promoter
  • The promoter package is the promoter’s paradise! This package is for club promoters, event planners, and those that throw multiple events! This package gives you the advantage to showcase your events and skills in keeping them HYPE! With the promoter package you get everything from the entertainer package and more! Within this package, you are given a profile on Hype Knight to be searched! This allows your party goers to look back on old events, as well as look up your upcoming events! Communicate with others at your event currently with live photo feed!
  • $ 175

    per package
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  • Club/DJ
  • Club/DJ package is for the Clubs and their DJ's! This package is an all around premier package on Hype Knight! The Club/DJ package you receive everything from the previous packages and is unlimited on how many events you can promote with Hype Knight! You will also receive your very own "Hype Meter" where your party goers can vote on the vibe of what is going on! With the Hype Meter, you can attract new clientele to your venues by how much fun your other guests are having!
  • $ 350

    per package
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  • Hype Package
  • The Hype Package is the package for nationwide promotions for onetime events! Featuring 30 days of premier advertising on 12 cities in your choice of 4 states! Your package also includes everything from the current packages!
  • $ 950

    per package
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